Contact the Goodwill Ambassador Foundation

The Goodwill Ambassador Foundation meets once a year before the Spring. In 2021 our meeting was held on Groundhog Day using Zoom. The balance of the year our commission is on auto-pilot and in the hands of Globcal International which is responsible for our online presence and the administration of our proprietary programs.

As an independent policy commission and qualified authority all of our obligations are to our members, not the general public and not the government. Customer service for products that we market is handled by Globcal International and third-party vendors of promotional products.

How to Correspond with Goodwill Ambassadors

We receive hundreds of contacts each year, most of them from people interested in becoming goodwill ambassadors or change advocates in the social media. However in a thorough review of these requests it became our protocol to screen these contacts to filter out informal requests from those who were either underqualified or making requests at an informal level. In recent years with the introduction of the Sustainable Development Goals Campaign by the United Nations these requests have increased considerably.

Prepare a Formal Letter

For proper consideration and to be recognized as a goodwill ambassador, SDG advocate or any soft-power diplomacy position a person should know how to read and write well enough to be able to make a formal request much like they would if they were writing a letter to an official state agency or a foundation.

We accept letters by email or postal mail, although email is preferred, we do not expect presentation letters or request letters to be informal, chatty or full of questions. Our website is here to answer your questions and we expect contacts to have performed due diligence and research prior to initiating a contact with our organization. 

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