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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Social Media Integrity with the Global Goals

Professionalize your Social Media Profile for Transparency

New days, innovations, and ideals are ahead for us all as the world embraces and comes to grip with the new United Nations' Global Goals (SDG)s that promise to change humanity and the world-view. Consider the fact that we are going to end poverty, alleviate hunger, and change the world to create the equality we all want around the world. Now is the time to adapt!

The conversion will be in many ways abrupt, well-controlled, orderly, stubborn, and exhausting, but will involve a high-degree of transparency. This change must involve transparency because if trust and integrity become an issue there will be a disaster. Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube, and many other Internet based enterprises are already directly involved with the globalization of local micro-economies and their integration with the macro or global economic system; they would probably be indirectly involved anyway whether or not they support the United Nations SDGs or not.

Using the Social Media to Create Trust and Transparency

The social media will play a big role in updating our world to comply with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, or Global Goals that were signed last week by world leaders at the Sustainable Development Summit in New York. Now nations fear losing their sovereignty while people gain more control their personal human rights and over the destiny of the planet within the guidelines to meet the goals. This will all be done using the Internet (super-connected world) to govern the rule of law and monitor progressive development within the nations. Its our understanding international transparency teams are also being used to eliminate corruption in governments.

Social media and online personal profiles will play a gigantic role in the implementation of these Global Goals. The protagonists of the great development will be expected to be transparent in the delivery of their work as social entrepreneurs and members of international organizations otherwise the public, donors, and other organizations will not be able to trust to receive their funds and execute projects.

Focus on your Presentation

Create a well-elaborated social media profile that people can find using Google and Bing search engines. You can create profiles on Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, XING, VK, and other social media platforms that are compliant with the new emerging Internet Governance under RDFa and

A good social media profile allows people to reach you by email or through your profile directly, include your place of employment, where your currently reside and your home location. It will include your personal photograph or resemblance. Your social media posts should be adjusted so everyone can see your work, if you use Facebook or other networks for family and personal purposes too, you can adjust your posts.

Goodwill ambassadors working with Globcal International are encouraged to keep a public figure profile that provides a transparent curriculum vitae of their life's work, and expect that all others responsible for handling funds derived through donations, philanthropy, or other bequests do the same if they work with non-governmental organizations (NGO)s, with government, foundations, or with corporations. Transparency best practices start with the person working within the NGO or corporation not under the political protection of a corporate body and reputation.

There are a great number of other organizations, corporations, and Internet social entrepreneurs that are jumping on the bandwagon to take advantage of the 176 trillion dollars being spent by the World Bank to realize the SDGs over the next 15 years to create "the World We Want." Many players are very skeptical because they know that there is too much work involved of value from our former social generation that needs to be adapted so the matrix or system does not come tumbling down upon itself; so it may be some time before we fully understand how these 17 goals will be pursued and realized.

Best Practices and Business

Using the Internet, organizations like Globcal International, the Rand Corporation, the Council on Foreign Relations and other think tanks (public policy institutes) are examining and analyzing the world playing field with the advent of the UN's new Global Goals and Post-2015 Agenda we are prepared to adapt and understand a global rule of law involving ecological integrity with other nations and as it seems corporations. 

Directly ahead we can expect to see a great degree of sovereign, national, and corporate imperial policy manipulation to maintain control and ties over land, mining, and exploitable natural resource interests. Utilizing the ideals of best practices and transparency (as stipulated) corporations and non-governmental organizations established under the jurisdictional laws of the United States of America will have both the most to gain and most to lose when it comes time to adapt, beginning now to the Post-2015 Agenda.

Transparency is the Key

It is our understanding as advocates of goodwill, the Global Goals, fair-globalization, and social reform will greatly depend on the social media based on the design and development integrity involving Internet RDFa, those who operate quietly in the shadows as unknown or global corporate citizens will be required step-up and show themselves so that other non-corporate global citizens can believe in them and trust them. Be understood without the corporate veil, people trust people not corporations, it would be unnatural to trust a non-human corporate person. With the Global Goals the system of trusting governments, corporations, and non-profits became much more difficult or challenging for everyone involved, but much better too!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Goodwill Ambassadors as Global Citizens

Goodwill Ambassadors of the United Nations

The United Nations reminds us this month about the importance of Goodwill Ambassadors, Messengers of Peace Champions of Sport, and other Special Representatives that work to promote ideals that foster humanity and unity as international civil servants under a great number of departments and specialized divisions.

Each of the celebrities and public figures (which include actors, artists, authors, musicians, politicians, and other popular figures) has expressed an interest in advocating and serving the United Nations as a politically and religiously neutral figure to serve as an ambassador to promote ideals that are universal and global.

UN Goodwill Ambassadors 
UN Special, Magazine, No 752, September 2015

The UN Special: Magazine of International Civil Servants this month highlights the accomplishments and horizons of this humanitarian task force we know as goodwill ambassadors and their work around the world. The United Nations has been using goodwill ambassadors since 1954 when they introduced actor, singer and dancer Danny Kaye as their first special representative with the special title of Goodwill Ambassador.

Today the UN has nearly 500 goodwill ambassadors actively working with organizations like UNICEF, UNAIDS, UNESCO, UNEP, UNDP, and a dozen other specialized divisions.

Coincidentally this month the United Nations, hundreds of iNGOs, and their goodwill ambassadors will lead 193 nations toward creating a sustainable world when the global priority shifts to the recovery of the global ecosystem and the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, some say it will be the biggest change ever experienced by human-kind. People should expect many changes in lifestyle and methods that have been identified as unsustainable.

New Opportunity

Every state that participates will be rewarded well for their compliance through the Climate Fund and the World Bank; the UN and independent organizations like Globcal International are positioned to create facilitatory services to the public and private sectors to benefit best from the SDGs. The United Nations is implementing international observers and economic oversight to protect against corruption, Globcal similarly will offer special services through a cooperative service and trading program designed for global citizens.

Become better positioned and prepared for the change as a member of Globcal International (as a goodwill ambassador or global citizen) to work with us on UN SDG projects, in Biosphere Reserves, at UNESCO sites, archeological parks, and within Indigenous Territories. Many of our members move onto careers with the United Nations and other iNGOs like the Red Cross.

Globcal International and the Goodwill Ambassadors of the World program began promoting the new Post-2015 Agenda and programs that promote sustainability with the MDGs and are now positioned for the SDGs with the development of a special sanctioned global citizenship pilot program designed to exempt global citizens and goodwill ambassadors in their work and travels. To learn more about becoming a goodwill ambassador working for Globcal International and the United Nations please contact us for a private personal development consultation.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Nepal's Goodwill Ambassadors

The whole world felt the earthquake in Nepal on April 25th. The members of Globcal International insisted that the Goodwill Ambassadors of the World team to develop a special project to assist there, which we have. As an author and key person in the development I was obligated to perform extensive research about Nepal along with some other members, it has been 2 weeks since the quake now. However before we launch our project we want to share an article about the Nepalese people who have been regarded as some of the most generous, cooperative and best international volunteers in the world. The article was published in the Nepal Times on February 23, 2015, exactly 8 weeks before the earthquake.

Goodwill ambassadors

by Hemlata Rai, Nepal Times on February 23, 2015

Nepal is the third largest contributor to the UN volunteer programme.

If you thought only Nepali soldiers and policemen risked their lives maintaining peace across the world, think again. Apart from the blue berets and troops serving in armies elsewhere, Nepal also has an excellent record of volunteerism-over a hundred mid-career Nepali professionals are currently serving the war fronts as United Nation’s Volunteers (UNV).

UNV is the volunteer arm of the UN system, extending hands-on assistance for peace and development in nearly 150 countries. Created by the UN in 1970 and administered by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), UNV works through UNDP country offices to promote volunteerism around the world. Thousands of volunteers from over 140 countries, with extensive experience in over 100 professional fields, serve with the UNV each year.

It may sound surprising but little Nepal was the fifth largest source of UNVs last year, with 113 Nepalis posted at different locations around the world. UNVs from the Philippines, Spain, Belgium and Japan outnumbered Nepalis last year, but this year the UNV Office in Kathmandu hopes that Nepal’s position as a source of volunteers may rise to the third position. In the first six months of this year alone, 58 Nepalis have already been posted overseas. Forty of them are in tough Kosovo, half of them working as civil administrators and the rest as registration supervisors.

“The performance of Nepali UNVs even under difficult and risky situations is superb. They have earned an international reputation for their work. Demands for Nepali volunteers have gone up,” says Simon Forrester, UNV Programme Officer in Kathmandu. Nepalis are working specifically in three areas as UNVs-humanitarian relief, technical assistance and short-term observatory jobs. And it is long-term technical assistance that hosts the largest number of Nepali volunteers.

Returning UN volunteers in Kathmandu offer various explanations for the good performance of Nepalis overseas. However, they all agree on one good reason-a “positive attitude and sincerity” towards their work. (If you are wondering why not here, wait, they explain that as well.) The other reasons cited are their ability to quickly adapt to an alien culture, dedication to duty and the encouragement and appreciation they receive for their work. “Here your contribution is not appreciated. If you are posted outside the valley, you are forgotten, and opportunities for professional growth are scarce if you consent to work in remote areas,” said Bimala Maskey, acting president of the Returned United Nations Volunteers Association of Nepal (RUNVAN).

Maskey worked in Botswana 1995-97 as principal teacher for the in-service education wing of the Botswana’s Ministry of Health. After retiring as joint secretary from the Ministry of Health in Nepal, Maskey was rather unhappy with her job at a government-run vocational training centre, CTEVT, when the UNV offer came along. “The job as a UNV was an exciting substitute to my work at CTEVT. Working as a UNV brings you encouragement and recognition,” she says. If that is the way Nepali volunteers feel about working abroad, UN volunteer in Nepal Kristiina Mikkola from Finland echoes a similar sentiment: “Professionally my duties here [in Nepal] are very exciting and rewarding.”

Many mid-career technical professionals use the programme as a platform to explore their abilities in a different social and working environment in a foreign country. “I have mixed feelings working in Kosovo. I miss my country and family dearly but on the other hand it gives me an inner satisfaction that I am working for a mission to make this place better for its citizens,” says Rajesh Aryal, now serving in Pristina. For some, a short-term UNV position offers an exciting break from monotonous bureaucratic or administrative jobs within the government machinery. Others accept it as an opportunity for international exposure that can turn a stepping-stone for further personal and professional progress. And yet for others, the most attractive part of working as a UNV is the money.

Former bureaucrat Bishnu Lal Maharjan earned about Rs 5,000 as salary, but as a UNV in Lesotho as Assistant Expert at the Ministry of Commerce and Industries between 1980-82 and as Trade Promotion Specialist later in 1985-87, he was paid $800 (Rs 50,000 approximately). “With high salaries and low cost of living, a position as a UNV offers an opportunity for savings. When you are economically secure your mind is freed for creativity and you can devote yourself to your work more sincerely,” Maharjan said, citing economics as one of the reasons why Nepali UNVs do well in countries like Lesotho than back home. “Most of the time Nepali professionals are busy moonlighting to support their families. How can you expect sincerity and creativity from them when their minds are so preoccupied with earning for their families,” he adds.

The fact that Nepali professionals perform better overseas sure speaks volume about the working environment back home. The good news is that Nepalis are earning an international reputation for their efficiency and professional excellence. Such performance, and not only by Nepali volunteers, has not gone unnoticed. The UNV programme has caused the UN to work for greater South-South volunteerism rather than foist development experts from industrialised nations on underdeveloped ones.

Republished from the Nepali Times.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Goodwill Ambassadors Everywhere!

Where can you find Goodwill Ambassadors?

If you are looking for an ambassador to help or assist in a community event, fundraiser, an exposition or any other promotional activity involving goodwill you should not have to look very far; Globcal International began an international program encompassing social responsibility, sustainable development, international cooperation, and now global citizenship beginning this April to serve the formation of open-source start-up specializing in promoting social benevolence, meritorious international service, and philanthropy. Global has established online network developments that work with the social media, crowdfunding, and soon with micro-finance.

Globcal International Goodwill Ambassadors

Globcal is Growing

The organizational format of Globcal is that of an international cooperative that has been developed under United Nations guidelines and recommendations. The organization has been reformatted to be politically benign (non-state) agenda. Since 2013 outreach developments began and are underway internationally in Belize, the Netherlands, Mexico, London, Sweden, Switzerland, Venezuela, Bolivia, and New York City in the US. There are also projects in the planning stages for new specialized ecological sustainability educational programs in Kenya, Cambodia, Malawi, Bangladesh, and Nepal. The organization prides itself on integrity, neutrality, and transparency.

The primary difference between Globcal International and most other organizations is that it is not incorporated (registered) under the legal jurisdiction of any of the nation-states or under the United Nations itself. Instead the organization is established as an offshore international charitable foundation with the ability to become recognized in all of the world's 219 countries, 1000+ nations, and over 2500+ metropolitan areas considered to be part of today's new integral global ecosystem, the organization is like a ship at sea with many different flags. Globcal is currently in a two-year proving term status with the UN to become eligible to be recognized as an INGO to go on to begin to seek Permanent Observer status.

Recognize all the People

Globcal also recognizes independently each culture of the world in addition to the supreme authority of the state; we also recognize indigenous nations, the undeclared peoples, and migratory nations under their own capable powers under special treaties. Opportunities are available to, from, or for a nation as an independent global advocate or goodwill ambassador through the program, you may qualify if you wish to understand the Globcal International philosophy.

Because the organization is a politically neutral, nonreligious, nonprofit cooperative and an international non-governmental organization it is capable of being admitted into any country under unilateral treaties or cooperation agreements with each state, city, or independent nation as a guest relative to international projects being developed. The volunteer and professional staff have all agreed to be and remain politically non-aligned and not to engage the use their personal religious preferences in their presentation as ambassadors.

All of the organization's founders conceded that to be completely non-discriminatory they needed to be neutral because alignment with nation-state policies or religious institutions could bias their agenda, the United Nations beholds similar guidelines. The organization up until now has been funded primarily by its board of commissioners who have established five practical international projects involving the concept of goodwill to found our model.

Today Globcal International has Goodwill Ambassadors that work as Google Ambassadors, Facebook Ambassadors, and now Indiegogo e³ Ambassadors who all collectively perform campaigns together in the social media as global advocates to promote sustainability, social responsibility, and matters dealing with education of people living within our global ecosystem. The principles are based under a critical examination and understanding of best practices, mutual agreement, equality, and fairness in our best sense; in brief 'good will' or 'goodwill.' You can find our members throughout the social media.

More Goodwill Ambassadors than Ever Before

Now most recently the organization has noticed there are new agendas that have spontaneously developed and cropped-up at various levels of professionalism and formality involving ambassadors from over 250 international and nongovernmental organizations around the world many well-known to the social media; most of them have been identified as goodwill ambassadors in one sense or another. Some were already there but not yet using the social media and others are modeling from our development.

Evolving from social media development of Globcal's goodwill pioneering effort since 2008 are Everyday Ambassadors, Internations Ambassadors, Peace Ambassadors, Interfaith Ambassadors, and Indigenous Unity Ambassadors. This is great in itself and shows that goodwill administered professionally goes a long way and has great potential to influence others.

Most recently as well there has been a sharp rise in the rehabilitation and promotion of UNICEF Ambassadors, UNESCO Ambassadors, and Messengers of Peace; also the new Global Advocates that are now being promoted by the United Nations. The United Nations has been promoting the ideal of goodwill diplomacy since they began with Danny Kaye when the Universal Declaration of Human Rights set the stage in 1948. Since then the United Nations has developed goodwill embassies to promote more than half of its international divisions, they have recognized nearly 1000 goodwill ambassadors over the years and currently have around 400 active.

Over 300,000 Goodwill Ambassadors in the United States

In the United States a new trend emerged several years ago among many US state governors to develop new goodwill ambassadors for their states, they adopted an ideal that originated in Kentucky to make Kentucky Colonels their official goodwill ambassadors. Over 40 states have adopted a similar practice; they award or bestow honorary titles of different types to civilians and visitors recognized for their particular deeds.

Some of the awards include Arkansas Traveler, Tennessee Colonel, Indiana Sagamore of Wabash, Illinois Order of Lincoln, Delaware Order of the First State, and Nebraska Admiral among many others have alternative programs today that help boost the state's reputation for tourism, business, and development.

The 'tradition of honor' began in 1819 when the Commonwealth of Kentucky began the awarding honorary commissions to its citizens for acts of heroism, great deeds, and accomplishments as Colonels. It is the duty of those who receive the title or use it to demonstrate goodwill toward the Commonwealth as an honorary member of its militia. Today this title still holds great precedence, honor, and is recognized around the world.

I understand there are some who travel to the different states to become involved in projects to be acknowledged with some of these awards. I know of at least three people who have collected 10 or more of these honors. When we attempted to do a survey we came to realize that there may be as many as 300,000 or many more individual goodwill ambassadors from all these states.

The International Goodwill Ambassadors Guild

Its very similar to the concept of Globcal International that all these ambassadors all around the world become recognized and exalted for their work, common interest, and general service to humanity and the environment through the International Goodwill Ambassadors Guild which was created in 2013.

So far the international honorary order of goodwill ambassadors has begun to recognize over 200 celebrity ambassadors which all serve as their role development models. Commissary appointment to the International Goodwill Ambassadors Guild is through its own standing members or its own foundation protectors and commissioners recognizing their fellow ambassadors who gain notice through the well-known international and local news media within a nation.

The International Goodwill Ambassadors Guild is responsible for providing its members with a membership card, an honorary commission certificate, and lifetime membership benefits as registrants. Similarly to the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, membership in the Ambassadors Guild is an honorary matter and is awarded without cost. The organization is a tax-exempt non-profit organization which has a private membership roster. The Guild is not a secret society, but membership therein is a confidential matter between those who have been recognized with a commission. We can only cite the names of those who have chosen the more public side of life as notable public figures and celebrities who have agreed to serve as goodwill ambassadors for international organizations.

Goodwill Role Models

Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Sean Penn, Forest Whitaker, Don Cheadle, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Clinton, Nicole Kidman, Giselle B√ľndchen, Katy Perry, Ian Somerhalder, Herbie Hancock, Nicholas Cage, Andrew Weil,, Paulo Coelho, Ricky Martin, Larry King, Ted Turner, and Bono were all recently nominated to the selection commission for their admiralty and extraordinary efforts as global advocates and exemplary change-makers through their personal goodwill activities. It will now be their role along with others who have received a commission to the Guild to designate future generations of recognized members.

Wangari Maathai, John McConnell, Garry Davis, and Nelson Mandela all well-know goodwill ambassadors are all cited in the 2013 charter of the Guild posthumously as inspirational and acknowledged supporters of Globcal International's work.

In 2015 the Guild has also began to officially include indigenous nations and culturally defined peoples, they have already recognized several leaders in the Amazon and the Andes who travel internationally as goodwill ambassadors for their tribal ethnic villages, communities, and settlements. The indigenous groups that are members of Globcal and part of the Indigenous Unity Movement shall designate these goodwill ambassadors to our organization who use the International Indigenous Unity Flag on their lands to demonstrate their alliance and solidarity as a global nationals.

Neutrality is Key

One of the primary characteristic requirements to qualify as a goodwill ambassador is to (support) want to see others do well, become prosperous, and live with individual personal dignity. Our purpose on earth is to live within human social systems that are mutually respected, peaceful, and co-existent among one another. In terms of some politics, nationalism, and religion this is impossible. Poverty often resulting in envy that is born by greed, corruption, unfair capitalism, and natural resource exploitation resulting in human rights abuses remain the biggest factors effecting human equality.

As the author of this article I know these facts all too well. I also learned that the hardest part about being a goodwill ambassador is dealing with those who show envy toward progressive goodwill work or cooperation usually from the political, corporate, or nationalist stance. Granted however it is very difficult for a nation to be non-discriminatory while protecting its borders; under our current system wealthy nation-states are forced to discriminate based on national origin and other factors to provide security, protect its banks, and protect the well-being of its residents.

Goodwill Standards

Contrary to what some may believe goodwill ambassadors are not 'whistle blowers' or 'defenders of justice,' the tactic of denouncing what is wrong with the world for goodwill ambassadors is taking the Gandhi approach, "be the change you want to see" or for us this means taking effective actions with proven methods or perhaps sometimes implementing theoretical solutions to solve problems; not spilling the beans, raising red flags, or inciting a mob scenes involving national, political, or religious ideals. Goodwill ambassadors advocate for what is right based on an unwritten universal understanding of an international community consciousness and awareness, their work revolves around the personal integrity they create and behold as individuals with upstanding regard for human equality.

Defining and delivering goodwill to others are topics that were formed long ago by great philosophers like Aristotle while discussing friendship and further defined by Kant through act utilitarianism.

The United Nations has developed treaties, declarations, and conventions to bring equality and fairness around the globe in all countries; despite this some countries and nations under rogue or unqualified democratic leadership continue to violate doctrines we have made our laws like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the more recent Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Declaration on the Environment and Sustainable Development. Those who consider themselves to be goodwill ambassadors are all expected to hold firmly to these international conventions for the well-being of all the people on the planet.

Globcal International has a membership and training program for those interested in becoming Goodwill Ambassadors through our global citizenship program. Follow Globcal on Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Blogger, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Idealist, and Indiegogo.

Note to readers: I presented this blog article to answer the so many questions so many people have had about our programs and projects involving the Goodwill Ambassadors. In forthcoming articles I will be discussing more on these topics in dedicated articles, and other topics like global citizenship registration, freedom on the high seas, the benefits of offshore incorporation, how to get the most out of your philanthropy, how to stage and coordinate an international event, why becoming an expat or acquiring dual nationality can benefit you, how you can gain international benefits through offshore charitable foundation patronage, and you can also learn more about our international personal credential and online personal verification software called e³.

This edition of our blog was posted to give full understanding to our current legal status as an organization after three years of redevelopment and reformation. Currently you may join Globcal International as a special associate member as a global citizen for an initial term of three years. Questions or inquiry about membership or further to the authors of this blog you may write to

By David J. Wright, Executive Officer for Globcal International

About the Author: Col. David Wright is one of several of the Globcal International co-founders, he works as a goodwill ambassador to deliver environmental and ecological solutions with innovative projects, he is the founder of Ecology Crossroads (est. 1994), he also works with projects in the Amazon with indigenous peoples. He serves as the organizational engineer for the Globcal International (CiNGO), a Cooperative International Non-Governmental Organization. Col. Wright has been recognized as a goodwill ambassador since 1990.