About Goodwill Ambassadors

Goodwill Ambassadors, Inc. was formed originally in 1992 in Washington, DC to create validity for the honorable title of Goodwill Ambassador. In 2009 we created Goodwill Ambassadors of the World (aka Goodwill Ambassador Foundation) as a social media agenda and publication about the admirable achievements, noteworthy accomplishments and positive social endeavors of the goodwill ambassador (ambassador of goodwill) from many exemplary organizations impacting the public sector and civil society. The objectives include championing their work, promoting engagement and manifesting additional publicity about their appearances, accomplishments, best practices, developments, and ethics through the social media. Our work has resulted in a Facebook page, a Twitter account, this WebSite and a well-read Blogspot with more than 25,000 visitors each month since 2013.

We are taking great time, expertise and hard-learned lessons into consideration prior to finalizing our development.

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