About Goodwill Ambassadors of the World

About Goodwill Ambassadors

First there was the Goodwill Ambassadors who were part of the World's Fairs in 1964. Then Goodwill Ambassadors, Inc. was formed originally in 1992 in Washington, DC to create validity for the honorable title of Goodwill Ambassador. In 2009, we created Goodwill Ambassadors of the World (aka Goodwill Ambassador Foundation) as a social media agenda and publication about the admirable achievements, noteworthy accomplishments and positive social endeavors of the goodwill ambassador (ambassador of goodwill) from many exemplary organizations impacting the public sector and civil society. 

The objectives included championing their work, promoting engagement and manifesting additional publicity about their appearances, accomplishments, best practices, developments, and ethics through the social media. Our work has resulted in a Facebook page, a Twitter account, this WebSite and a well-read Blogspot with more than 25,000 visitors each month since 2013.

Making the Title Official

In 2021 our objective became stopping the misuse of the title for fundraising and international public relations in the social media including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn where there has been great confusion between different ambassadors and organizations calling themselves"Goodwill Ambassadors" and "global goodwill ambassadors" because several of the United Nations Specialized Agencies already use and have been recognized with the descriptive title "Global Goodwill Ambassador of ____________" or "___________ Global Goodwill Ambassador, at least since 2006. There was also a need identified to disambiguate individuals through personal identification of all the valid and honorably awarded titles.

We are taking great time, expertise and hard-learned lessons into consideration prior to finalizing our development which is a cumulative one based on all of the points of authority that can be applied internationally based on the Goodwill Ambassador Commission and our forthcoming book "Goodwill Ambassadors". Someday people will believe the commission exists because of the book, but in reality we exist for many other reasons and we will write the book based on the work of many others.