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The Goodwill Ambassadors of the World is a news publication established by Globcal International in 2009 to recognize the work of those who are appointed as honorary and professional cultural and international goodwill ambassadors. Recently we have been merging our initiative with other programs that involve goodwill ambassadors that have been developed over the years to bring them together as the Goodwill Ambassador Commission.

In 2013, the Goodwill Ambassador Foundation Program was established from our social media success on Facebook and Google+ to form a cooperative part of Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation, Inc., an organization that was founded in 1994 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and 509(a)(1) charitable organization. Recently an updated determination letter was issued in September 2020 after not raising funds from the public for a prolonged period. Our parent/sponsor organization, Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation is listed on GuideStar and is in Good Standing as a corporation, with many verification links including from the state and federal agencies that permit charitable fundraising.

In 2022; we are introducing ourselves once again to the public as the Goodwill Ambassador Commission after spending considerable time communicating with world leaders, their staff and professional diplomats to end once and for all the impersonation of "Goodwill Ambassadors" and the misuse of the "Goodwill Ambassador Title" to the detriment of those who have honorably and officially been conferred the title. Truly a monumental task, when we researched deeply we found 1,236 Genuine Goodwill Ambassadors and more than 18,000 that may be using the title unlawfully. 

Donations to the Foundation

All donations are delivered directly to the Goodwill Ambassador Foundation for implementation in our work as an independent international public service commission, the more people give the more impressive our website becomes and of course more projects are funded that are implemented by Authorized Goodwill Ambassadors. 

All persons making nominations should provide a gift for the commission to the foundation of $250 to $1,000 prior to making a nomination and include the transaction number of their donation in the nomination form to offset our costs and expenses to prepare certificates, perform research, pay our overhead and promote goodwill efforts with our website.

Donation transaction numbers (tokens) can also be used to sponsor original articles of 500-2500 words which cost $250-$1,000 each depending on their targeted circulation, help boost our social media reach with targeted publicity, develop social network events, provide training, establish new permanent web content or introduce new video content. All articles are professionally developed and edited in translatable English. Commissioned articles and content are also developed upon request provided our editors have adequate content to create from donations under these purposes.

Donating via PayPal

There are two ways to donate using PayPal, one or the other may be advantageous to donors and those making contributions. We are Approved as a PayPal Charity and are members in their giving fund through our parent organization which funds most of our operations and activities. 

  1. To send a donation directly to the Goodwill Ambassador Commission, our foundation or our blog, please select "Goodwill Ambassadors" when making your donation, or
  2. If you need a "donation receipt" for IRS tax-purposes please use our parent organization's PayPal Giving Fund page and add in the notation: "Goodwill Ambassadors".