Legal Standing as a Goodwill Ambassador

Legal Standing as a Goodwill Ambassador

Based on an international legal consensus by the Goodwill Ambassador Foundation (Title Protocol Commission) on February 02, 2021 holders of the honorable title agreed that: "Goodwill Ambassador shall be recognized as an official post-nominal honorific title of authority understood in over 150 countries and by more than 1,000 other entities including cities, US states, governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations." It was decided that each agency will use their well-known (2-10) alpha-numeric identification code or short name identity. Ambiguous and unofficial use of the title should not be tolerated or accepted by news reporters and authors.

From the 2021 Meeting

Whereas, the public deserves integrity and transparency with publicly funded initiatives, programs and projects addressing global issues:

Whereas, the term "goodwill ambassador" may serve as a descriptive term for a person;

Whereas, the term "Goodwill ambassador" is a job title and occupation that is understood;

Whereas, the United Nations, US states, nations, international cities, and recognized non-governmental organizations use the official title "Goodwill Ambassador" formally and legally without ambiguity; and

Whereas, there are many schemes that use the term "goodwill ambassador" unofficially for volunteers, religious organizations and non-diplomatic endeavors that support the ideas of the same.

Therefore, let it be resolved that a system of official designation and registration of all valid titles under a strict set of standards shall be developed for publication within one year to protect the trademark and service mark as a collective membership mark for the purposes established and introduced in 1964, 1980, 1992, 2009 and 2013 by the membership.